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A Short Intro

Written by Brooke Larson


Posted on May 02 2019

I want to introduce myself! My name is Brooke Larson and I am the owner of The Pink Buffalo.  Standing alongside me every step of the way is my husband Joel.  We started this business back in 2016 as a jewelry making business.  I have always had a passion for the fashion industry.  Growing up in Hot Springs, AR,  I was practically raised in a boutique.  I got my fashion sense from my grandmother Brana Lou.  Yes I was named after her (my middle name is Lou). 

After attending college, I didn't have the drive to go right into a career that I wasn't passionate about.  I decided I wanted to move out to LA.  I attended FIDM in downtown LA.  I learned how to make clothes, sketch fashion figure models, and make my own clothing line.  I was pretty much obsessed at that point!  Fast forward to today, we are continuing to grow into a lucrative clothing business.  I work also full time as a PA in urgent care (yes I know crazy right).  I have 2 dogs Maverick & Goose who are my world!